Monday, March 3, 2008

Register .Asia Domain Names - Cheap .asia Registrations at AsiaDNS / EuroDNS

They are finally available - .Asia domain names are here at last and everyone can register them during the landrush period.

Although the .Asia landrush has begun with 300,000 applications on its first day, having in mind that the public registration for .asia domains has just started recently there are still plenty of good domain names left and now is the time to make our sting by trying to capture some of the good names the big players will miss.

Of course, there are some obstacles. In order to register .asia name you have to provide a contact in Asia. This may be a hard requirement to fulfil but be aware that there's a solution to this problem. You can register your names at EuroDNS and the registrar will kindly provide you with their Asian contact so you can make your .asia registrations easily.

In addition to that kind offer, there is another "thank you" we need to say to the guys at EuroDNS for providing us with a big discount for .asia domain registrations. The corresponding voucher code is 6ASIA28 and the promotion for .asia names lasts until 12/03/2008. (For discount codes after this date just visit the EuroDNS site and look up for a .ASIA banner in order to get the most recent code since the .asia promo vouchers are being changed quite often lately.)

The last bonus coming from EuroDNS is that for every successfully registered .asia domain they also offer the same domain name ending in for free (one year free registration).

Having in mind all of these bonuses and especially the provided Asian proxy contact along with the promo code I'm definitely in and I'll try to register a nice list with generic names at EuroDNS. If you are like me or if you have a brand name you want to protect in the Asian region as your online identity just take care to do this as fast as possible in order to leave your competitors behind.

Check for AsiaDNS voucher codes or explore the Review Maze for other domain name reviews.


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