Friday, November 5, 2010

International Domain Names from EuroDNS Registrar

If you're looking for a place to register European domain names or even more broadly to make an international domain name registration, EuroDNS registrar is a good option to consider. The company is offering more than a hundred of domain name extensions and the list has been constantly growing in the last couple of years. The same is being valid for their additional services like Email Packages, Instant Mobilizer, etc. that we won't discuss here but you may always examine them yourself by visiting EuroDNS website. The main benefit anyway is that you have lots of international domain names gathered together at very competitive prices.

The registration process is fairly simple. You have to fill out a form not having too many mandatory fields and after doing that to activate your account following the link send to you by email.

The EuroDNS user interface is also pretty simple without too many unnecessary things you may find at other registries. There is a bulk search if you need it. There is a free DNS server and interface as well as free domain/URL forwarding and free DynDNS software. You may read more about all of their domain complimentary services directly at EuroDNS site.

Unlike some other domain name registrars, EuroDNS does not offer endless paid additional services and products in order to take more money away from you. Also, there are not any hidden taxes.

The prices may not be the best if you go and look directly at them. But in fact, EuroDNS does have so many promotional offers in shape of voucher codes that most of the time you'll register and renew your international domains at much better prices than the regular ones. To see the current list of discounts, follow the link and check the recent EuroDNS voucher codes. Here is the right place to stress that EuroDNS coupons are valid for both new domain registrations and renewals which is really a great advantage since it may happen that you've been using a domain name for years without paying the full regular annual price even once.

Another benefit you get at EuroDNS is that you could have dozens of different international domain name extensions at one location. You may register generic extensions like .com, .net, etc. You may register the majority of the European domain extensions (like, .de, .fr, .nl and even many less popular like .li, .lu, etc.) and you may also perform other international domain name registrations like .jp, .sg, .in, .vn,, .co and so on. It's very likely that you find better prices for some particular extensions if you make a good search but if you want a single destination to keep a variety of international domain suffixes, EuroDNS is a great place to do it with a very decent prices (and as already mentioned with continuous promotional offers).

To be objective, there are a couple of downsides. When you want to transfer a domain name out they do not react fast enough and sometimes you may get frustrated along the process. The other (more personal) issue was losing a domain name due to some misunderstanding between EuroDNS and the Swedish registry some time ago and probably not sufficient efforts from all of the sides.

Apparently, we continue to use EuroDNS mainly due to the convenience of having hundreds of various international domain extensions at one place, the decent prices and the simple usage. If you are into international domain names or you want just to register a couple of Asian, American or European domain names, pay EuroDNS a visit and see if it's your kind of domain registrar.

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