Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cheap International Phone Calls - Rebtel

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I've come across Rebtel service recently and it seems like something that is worth writing about. The company offers very cheap call prices and it has several million customers already - a good share of the international calling market.

Rebtel is a VoIP provider that offers cheap international phone calls via your mobile or landline phone. Compared to other long distance phone services it is up to 90% cheaper. Rebtel offers a good customer support although you may always want more from a company's support guys. Rebtel also provides a free first call for new customers - a good sign for any service in my opinion.

The Rebtel service offers a new technology on international phone calls market. It does not require any downloads or any computers in order to use it. The method works by using local numbers in both "caller" and "called" countries and realizing the international connection over VoIP. This means that the user pays only for the local part of the call and not for the international phone call. In addition, and this is where Rebtel is different from many other phone call services, you do not need any complementary software or hardware, any PINs or whatever. All that you need is your mobile or landline phone. This makes Rebtel service really great compared to calling cards or other VoIP services.

How does it work exactly?
You give your phone number to Rebtel so they know when you are calling. You also provide Rebtel with your international friend's phone number and Rebtel gives you a corresponding local number that is unique for each of your friends. You get these unique numbers only once so you can save the numbers to your mobile phone and use them as many times as you want in the future. Now, you just make a call from your regular phone to your friend's local number (the one Rebtel gave you) and the rest is done by Rebtel service which routes you directly to your friend's international number.

Rebtel also assigns a Rebtel number to your real phone number so other Rebtel users can make free calls to you. Of course, you can also call for free other Rebtel users.

The Rebtel website is user friendly and available in several language versions. The Rebtel service is available for calling in more than 50 countries (check them on the Rebtel website). It could be used with any carrier and you can make phone calls to any country in the world.

It seems Rebtel aims at cheapest international phone call prices so they offer promotions quite often and they regularly lower phone call prices down.

So, at the end you have quite a lot of pro's to choose Rebtel if you make international phone calls quite often - Rebtel offers cheap international calls; you can use Rebtel from any landline, VoIP or mobile phone in any Rebtel country where there is a phone connection; Rebtel users can call for free other Rebtel users; and you do not need anything in addition to your existing mobile or landline phone. Take also the "first phone call for free" offer and you have really a service worth stopping by in the face of Rebtel.

For more information about Rebtel's cheap international phone calls you can read these Rebtel highlights and our tips for making even cheaper international calls. If you are interested in avoiding high international roaming charges check this article. Otherwise, just look for another review in the Review Maze.


Unknown said...

Duuuude I really think that is the best choice for cheap international calls straight from your cell phone out there

John Moscow said...

I haven't tried it so I cannot say nothing about it. I've just listed a few good features of Rebtel that in my opinion make it a good choice in the area of the cheap international phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Rebtel service is fine if it actually connects. BUT 70% of the time it doesnt connect. I place a call and i hear it ringing for a min then goes to a busy signal. The person I am calling says there phone never rang. Rebtel says it must be on the other end that I am calling. Well I call many people so Rebtel blames every one else and not them selves. They are a bad company and unless you want aggrevation, then stay far away from this company!!

John Moscow said...

Hmmm, maybe it happens that Rebtel service cannot always connect but having in mind it is used by so many people and it is being one of the most popular services for international phone calls, it's not very likely that it does not connect 70% of the time...

Anonymous said...

Tried them all out there. So far REBTEL is reliable to me in all aspect

deborah ilechukwu said...

why did rebtel change my profile from english to the language that i do not understand? i have been trying to get them change it but to no avail----help meoooooooooooo

John Moscow said...

Isn't there an option to change the language inside your profile? It would be very strange if you don't have such one...

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