Saturday, April 24, 2010

US Pets: Pet Supplies Online Shop Offering Dog Supplies, Cat Food, Etc.

US Pets
I came across US Pets online shop several days ago and since I had read somewhere that between 30% and 40% of households in the United States own at least one dog or cat I decided it might be helpful to write a few words about this pet supplies online source. My decision was further motivated by an online search I made that did not find almost any useful results for pet shop but this was not so strange having in mind their website had not been around for too long. So, what were my first impressions about US Pets?

This pet shop seems to be a relatively new one but still offering hundreds of products. You may find various cat and dog supplies, dog and cat food, pet medications (over-the-counter and prescription ones), pet toys and so on. US Pets mission statement also sounds promising: To provide the best cat and dog supplies, in the fastest online way, at the biggest possible discount! Well, to see if it is completely true, one should shop pet supplies there for quite some time but at least it sounds nice enough in order to make you try this pet supplies online shop.

Some of the dog supplies shopping categories you will find at US Pets are Allergy, Antimicrobial, Anxiety Relief, Digestive Care, Dental, Ear and Eye Care, Flea & Tick, Nutritional, Skin Care, Dog Toys, First Aid, Cough, Dog Accessories. In regard to cats, except for cat food, you will find pretty much the same shopping categories as for dogs (with Bone & Joint, Grooming, Heartworm, Hormonal, Training Aid, Treats, Urinary / Kidneys, Shampoo / Fur, Wormer not mentioned but also valid for dogs) and in addition Cat Litter.

US Pets offer next day free shipping for orders that are $39.99 or more. Priority or overnight shipping options are also available although they are charged separately. The pet shop offers up to 50% discount on their pet supplies and in addition there is almost constantly a promo code of some kind that usually gives you another discount of 10% or so on all kinds of dog supplies, cat food, etc. When you create an account at the pet supplies online shop, you may enter information about your pet(s) thus helping the site to serve you with better selected pet supplies.

With US Pets' no-questions-asked return policy you have 30 days since your original purchase to return cat food or any dog supplies you have purchased. So, if you are one of the many proud owners of dogs and cats in the United States, you may safely give this pet supplies online shop a try and see for yourself if it'll become your favorite place for online pet supplies shopping.

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