Service Reviews: Domain Names, Stock Photography, International Phone Calls, Vouchers, etc. Attempts a New Domain Name Registration Scam - After its controversial support for SOPA bill, Go Daddy continues its suspicious behavior with attempts to cheat you and unscrupulously get your money with a new domain name registration scam scheme.

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Cheap International Calls - A Few Rebtel Highlights - If you've been wondering whether to try a VoIP service for making cheap international calls, these Rebtel highlights may help. Rebtel is the second largest landline and mobile phone VoIP provider in the world just after Skype.

EuroDNS Voucher Code List - 2012 Coupons - Voucher codes, coupons, discount codes and promotional offers for domain name registrations and renewals at EuroDNS during 2012. Ticket Exchange Service: Unprofessional & Irresponsible - Enters one of the most amateurish and irresponsible online services I've encountered in my entire Internet experience. Avoid these guys unless you hate yourself. Ticket Exchange Service: Unprofessional & Irresponsible, Part 2 - Part 2 of my saga with Seatwave's "fan to fan" ticket exchange service. It's not getting any better than the first part.

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