Music Articles at Review Maze

The Effects of Listening to Music on Our Body - Does listening to music have any effects on our body and how could we use them to our advantage? Read about a few influences music can have on human brain, heart and breathing.

Paul McCartney's Concert at Unipol Arena, Bologna, Italy - If you wonder how a Sir Paul McCartney's performance looks like in 2011 check our reportage of Paul's gig in Bologna, part of his 2011's "On the Run" tour.

Coeus the Boxing Titan - The Boxing Titan Spawns (2011) - Coeus the Boxing Titan is a new "one man" music project coming from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA. To find out whether The Boxing Titan Spawns is worthy of your attention read our review. The album deserves at least this.

Gary Moore: Dead, Yet He's Still Got the Blues for Us - An article paying a final tribute to Gary Moore, the Irish guitar virtuoso, who left our world but not without leaving his divine music to stay with us forever.

Eminem: White Men Can Jump - Can white men also jump high on the hip-hop field like there black rap brothers? A short review of Eminem's talent and music.

The Beatles Achievements: Part 1 - What are the greatest achievements of the Beatles? Read about the Beatles accomplishments beyond their albums' sale numbers and multiple awards: establishing the pattern of a self-contained rock group and rock music as international phenomenon.

The Beatles Achievements: Part 2 - What else have the Beatles accomplished in their short career? Becoming studio masters and pushing the limits of rock genre with numerous experiments in the field of musical instruments, multi-layered arrangements and rock styles.

(Most) Influential Rock Album: The Velvet Underground & Nico - From the opening notes of Sunday Morning to the closing tunes of European Son, The Velvet Underground & Nico is full with innovative ideas and controversial lyrics. Does it deserve the title of most influential rock album?

Rough Silk Band: The Obscure Gem - A short biography of the German melodic heavy metal band Rough Silk. Have you ever wondered how a metal version of Queen will sound like? Check this band, it's one of the good examples. Rough Silk's discography also included.

John Lennon: A Short but Extraordinary Life - An article about the extraordinary life of John Lennon. Well, you should know who John Lennon was so just read it.

Led Zeppelin - Interesting Facts about the Band and Its Members - The title says it all. Interesting facts about Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.