Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EuroDNS Discount Codes, Voucher Codes, Promo Codes 2010

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The most recent discount codes from the domain name registrar EuroDNS are available below. Since often there are several promo codes for a certain domain extension you should check the whole list in order not to miss some of the voucher codes you need.

Here are the latest EuroDNS promo codes valid as of 20/11/2010:

Code TLD Type Discount Expires on
LUX15 LU ANNUALPRICE 55.88 % 01/12/2010
ORG2010 ORG ANNUALPRICE 66.68 % 30/12/2010
FR2009 FR ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
NL2009 NL ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
PL2009 PL ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
DE2009 DE ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
IT2009 IT ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
ES2009 ES ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
RO2009 RO ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
DK2009 DK ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 01/01/2011
IMMOBI20 MOBI ANNUALPRICE 20.00 % 01/01/2011
DMAT10 AT ANNUALPRICE 55.00 % 01/01/2011
GETACO CO ANNUALPRICE 14.30 % 01/01/2011
3COM9 COM ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 09/01/2011
3NET9 NET ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 09/01/2011
10ASIA11 ASIA ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 01/02/2011
10COM15 COM ANNUALPRICE 66.66 % 01/03/2011
10EU11 EU ANNUALPRICE 72.20 % 01/04/2011
GOME08 ME ANNUALPRICE 20.00 % 01/05/2011
GOASIA9 ASIA ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 01/05/2011
GOMOBI9 MOBI ANNUALPRICE 62.00 % 01/05/2011
GOME10 ME ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 01/05/2011
GONL20 NL ANNUALPRICE 20.00 % 01/05/2011
GOCOM6 COM ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 01/05/2011
GOBE4 BE ANNUALPRICE 75.00 % 01/05/2011
GOAT8 AT ANNUALPRICE 66.00 % 01/05/2011
GOAT4 AT ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 01/05/2011
GODE4 DE ANNUALPRICE 75.00 % 01/05/2011
GOME15 ME ANNUALPRICE 40.00 % 01/05/2011
GOCN10 CN ANNUALPRICE 10.00 % 01/05/2011
GOHK10 HK ANNUALPRICE 10.00 % 01/05/2011
GOTW10 TW ANNUALPRICE 10.00 % 01/05/2011
GOCONL20 CO.NL ANNUALPRICE 20.00 % 01/05/2011
GOTEL12 TEL ANNUALPRICE 33.00 % 01/05/2011
GOME40 ME ANNUALPRICE 40.00 % 01/05/2011
GOCH10 CH ANNUALPRICE 10.00 % 01/05/2011
DTES5 ES ANNUALPRICE 72.00 % 01/05/2011
DTDE4 DE ANNUALPRICE 75.00 % 01/05/2011
DTCK6 CO.UK ANNUALPRICE 60.00 % 01/05/2011
DTIT5 IT ANNUALPRICE 82.00 % 01/05/2011
DTPL9 PL ANNUALPRICE 87.00 % 01/05/2011
8TEL10 TEL ANNUALPRICE 61.10 % 01/05/2011
9NET09 NET ANNUALPRICE 44.00 % 02/05/2011
EU9EU EU ANNUALPRICE 50.00 % 10/10/2011
18PRO PRO ANNUALPRICE 81.63 % 10/10/2011
GOSE43 SE ANNUALPRICE 43.00 % 10/12/2011
GOEU70 EU ANNUALPRICE 70.00 % 10/12/2011

If you don't have a registration at EuroDNS you can sign up here. To use a promotional offer enter the discount code in the section "Voucher Codes" or use it during the process of a particular domain name registration. If you haven't heard of EuroDNS yet, read the following EuroDNS review.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Strictly Ballroom (1992): A Clichéd Film Suitable for Romcom and Dance Lovers

Strictly Ballroom
Strictly Ballroom is the debut movie of Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australia). Unsurprisingly, it is a movie about dancing. It does not feature big actor names and it does not offer anything original or groundbreaking. If you expect great cinematic achievements this is not the right film for you. Strictly Ballroom is a romantic comedy with a recycled plot that offers moderate entertainment based on dancing competitions. If you are into romcoms or dances, it could be your thing.

Strictly Ballroom is about Scott Hastings (Paul Mercurio), a promising ballroom dancer who participates in Australian dancing competitions. He has one major "problem" though and it is his belief in using his own steps, which is something not to the taste of the Championship's orthodox judges. Due to his lack of respect for the conservative rules, Scott loses his regular female partner Liz (Gia Carides) and Fran (Tara Morice) who is neither as beautiful as his former partner, nor such a skilled dancer, decides to take the place of Liz next to Scott. The new couple decides to win Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Championships and to show everyone new dancing steps should not be ignored.

The plot of Strictly Ballroom does not offer genuine storytelling. There is a standard romantic relationship, there are people who are against the innovative couple, there are parallels and references to the past. Some of the characters are far over the top but it's part of the movie's style and the director's vision. Naturally, unexpected twists, profound dialogue or life-changing discoveries are not something you will find in a film like this.

Like every other movie, this has also some good aspects worth mentioning. The most notable objects in Strictly Ballroom are the costumes. There are plenty of them so if you are into costume design, you have one more reason to see the movie. There's a family with Spanish origins that demonstrates real pasodoble dancing and these scenes are among the highlights in the film. The movie could also be considered inspiring although at the same time its cartoonish flavor and excessive sentimentality detracts from this of its qualities.

Baz Luhrmann does a good job and visually the movie is Ok. You won't be surprised by the story or its ending, neither you will see any great filmmaking accomplishments but it has hardly been the creators' intention. Strictly Ballroom is one of those movies you can watch together with your loved one(s) and care for the characters along the way.