Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some Thoughts on

I should admit - WidgetBucks site seems really nice, the widget itself also. Everybody is talking about the higher revenue with Widget Bucks. There is a $25 sign up bonus. Most people are quite enthusiastic.
So, everything seems fine at a first glance.

I'll try to make some kind of review on and hopefully I will update it from time to time with recent information about this new PPC program.

To start with, there are a few things that still worry me a bit.
1) WidgetBucks is a new project and noone has received a payment from the guys behind it yet. Of course, this is not a crime but still it is something to have in mind about every start up money making program.
2) There is a sign up bonus. It's a little bit strange for a company whose primary subject is anyway to offer money in some way.
3) They claim that the CPM for their clients is even higher than $6 and it's written like it is something incredible. In my opinion, it's a decent but not so much of a great revenue so it's nothing to praise about.
4) Sometimes the site seems to be not in a good operational state. Errors are reported here and there. For example, "There was an error creating your account. Please try again later.". But then again, is a new site so it's acceptable to some extent.

So, these were my first "bad" thoughts on Widget Bucks. And they were really just thoughts. It's normal to be suspicious on new sites.

On the other hand, lets put together some "good" thoughts and impressions.
1) WidgetBucks really takes off very fast. I should admit that I've also signed up with them and I am going to see by myself in the near future how it's going.
2) They have written that only English language is acceptable for the sites showing their ads and also that the sites with English speaking traffic are preferred because their advertisers are targeting such audience. So, this is a plus in my opinion 'cause if they were scammers it's not very likely to limit their potential client base this way.
3) The widget ads seem quite nice and catchy. To be honest one of the nicest in the online advertising industry.
4) The sign up process for this pay per click program is really fast and without complications, you can sign up practically in a minute. This is a good thing for a new company to expand their customer base in the beginning.
5) The obvious good thing: you anyway lose nothing (except for some time) if you sign up but in case the site becomes a leader among the PPC companies you'll be of the first on the board.

So, this is enough for a start. I'll keep to add some new stuff related to WidgetBucks in the next days so you may check the comments below for updates. If you want to try this traffic monetization program you could follow the link Let's hope it will be a great experience for all of us as publishers.

For updates on Widget Bucks program follow this link.

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Anonymous said...


Keep update about WB and I love read your (DD) Due Diligence.So will see right.. as long have payment sure make WB more convenience..I also give try and testing this but not aspect fast earning treat same day I signup for GA.

Anyway one thing curious about WB is when search in google comeout with
"Did you mean:"??

all right then keep blogging ya!

KL Malaysia

BeeTin said...


I noticed that at the widgetbucks homepage saying we earn $5-$7 bucks per thousand impression based on the size of widget you are displaying but I have reached 1000++ impression and i didn't get that sum of money accounted in my account.

You know what is happening?

John Moscow said...

@ cozuni


How many clicks and revenue do you have for these 1000++ impressions?

Anonymous said...

i got only 4 clicks on 1300++ impression..low huh? you know how to improve it? I've mailed to the widgetbucks help team and they said they do not pay for impressions.

John Moscow said...

Yes, they don't pay for impressions. I think their statement should be read in a different way and it is that for aproximately 1000 impressions the revenue is about $6. But it is different for each of the publishers.
In your case maybe this ppc program is not suitable for your site.

Anonymous said...

WidgetBucks better than AdSense and others for your website and blog!
please try:

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