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NameDrive parking
What is domain parking?

In just a few words, domain parking is a service that provides you with the opportunity to make some money from your unused (undeveloped) domain names. If you have domains that you haven't developed and if it is possible that these names get some natural type-in traffic, it is almost mandatory to park these domain names "somewhere". A parking provider generates dynamic pages full of ads which are shown when somebody types in your domain name in a browser. If somebody clicks on any of the ads displayed on the generated page for your domain you get a small amount of money for that click. There are people out there that are making thousands of dollars daily using such kind of services. While you cannot expect to be amongst these people since the beginning you should start from somewhere and try to squeeze the most of your domain names. One of the popular domain parking programs is NameDrive.

Why NameDrive?

To start with, the registration at is very simple and intuitive. There is no approval process and the sign-up is practically immediate (this is not valid for most of the other domain name parking providers). The service is free and there is no requirement for a minimum number of domain names or for their quality. There are almost not any restrictions on the names - you may park adult or gambling names but you cannot park some kind of typos (for example "google" ones). No tax information is required and you may specify your payment preferences at a later stage, long after the sign up process has been finished.

Another positive side of NameDrive is the customization of the pages and keywords. You can choose among lots of page templates, you can select a category and a subcategory with related links for your domain and you can choose a picture for the template. You may also provide your own keywords and they are approved quite faster compared to Sedo for example. You may even customize your dynamically generated pages with different parameters for the variety of world regions.

Even a bigger plus for NameDrive is that European and Asian domain names perform well at it. The main competitor of NameDrive in this field is Sedo but to be honest lately I have not been satisfied with at all and I've moved almost all of my European domain names to Having in mind that the rest of domain parking programs are targeted at American traffic mainly, NameDrive has a big advantage for non-American names.

NameDrive reports your real earnings with an up to 48 hours of delay. Initially some estimated values are displayed while waiting for NameDrive’s advertising partners (Google's Adsense feed, for example) to report the real earnings. Once they get that report the real earnings are shown – at the end, you might have earned more or less than the initial estimated values but at least you know what is you real revenue achievement instead of getting some random values as it is at Sedo.

Some further pros are that you have the possibility to see how your pages will look in different countries/languages and that you may also generate different kinds of reports in order to make tracking of the stats more convenient for you. You may also group domains in categories/folders.

NameDrive provides some other services useful for domainers as well (for example, to put your domains in an auction and try to sell them). These options are not discussed here but you can check them easily by yourself at site. I hope this review has been helpful for you but if you have any further questions just put them as a comment below and I’ll try to answer them.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I'm a newbie and I'm happy with namedrive recently. Their support is really great.

John Moscow said...

Yes, I forgot to mention about the support. It's really great and helpful. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Namedrive refused to pay what they earned off my domains saying that it was because it was "type-in-traffic".

Anonymous said...

I have never had any problems with receiving the money Namedrive owes me. In fact, several times when I would have some issues they gladly helped. Apart from that, I don't think that they will refuse to pay somebody with the explanation "because of type-in traffic" - it doesn't make any sense in such a situation...

Unknown said...

1 p a click you call that great? they take 80% of the revenues and their seo sucks. simply not there at all on google. I am so far very disappointed.

John Moscow said...

Hi Jean,

What type of traffic do you have parked on Namedrive?
As I've written before I have mainly European names parked there and I get a PPC around $0.10 - not so much but it's decent. Very often I have much bigger PPC, sometimes even bigger than 1 USD (but the latter is really rarely).

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm confused. How is it that this blog is dated Saturday, March 20, 2010, whilst the comments are dated 2008 & 9? I am writing this comment on 19 August 2013, just in case there's something wrong with the system's time stamp.

John Moscow said...

@Anonymous from August 19, 2013
The article is actually older. I changed the dates of a couple of old articles in the past for internal purposes. I am sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

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