Sunday, May 23, 2010

GoDaddy Hints for Cheap Domain Name Registration and Renewal Prices

In the last couple of years I have found two very convenient ways to achieve lower prices of .com domain names at GoDaddy. Over the time they are saving me quite a lot of money. Some people probably already know them but I suppose there are many others that are not familiar with these hints so here they are.

How to register cheaper .com domain names?
While you may use some promo codes to lower your .com registration prices there is a way that has been working for years (although I cannot guarantee that it will be working forever) and enables you to buy .com names for $6.95 (+$0.20 ICANN fee). In order to achieve this, you simply have to open Google and enter GoDaddy in the search bar. You will get an adsense advertisement that offers you .com domains for the above mentioned price. Just click on the ad and you'll be sent to GoDaddy site where you will receive the discount in your shopping cart at the time of checkout. I don't know if this option will stay available forever but it has been for quite some time. So, if you cannot find a promo voucher when trying to register some new .com names just try this method.

How to renew .com domain names cheaper?
Another cool possibility is to renew your .com domains for a lower than regular price. It changes over the time but generally it is another big saver. The current price I'm talking about is $7.50 (+$0.20 ICANN fee) and it could be changed in the future. Again, you may use some discount voucher code and get a good price on a renewal but here is another method that works and I have used a lot. When the expiration date of your domain name approaches you will receive notification(s) from GoDaddy to renew your domain. You should just ignore them until you get a notification email with a GoDaddy link inside that allows you to renew the name for just $7.50 (+$0.20). Usually this email will come 5 days before the expiration date. I am renewing all of my .com domain names at GoDaddy this way and it's quite a good saving. This hint is also valid for .net domain names usually.

While for the first hint the obvious reason for its existence is a promotion I am not quite sure what is the reason behind the second one. My guess for it is that GoDaddy makes an assumption that if you have not renewed your domain name until 5 days before the expiration date, your intention is to drop it and that's why they are trying to bait you with this final big renewal price discount so you keep the name registered.

The above two hints practically means that you may permanently register and renew .com domain names for very decent prices without being dependable on the current availability of promo codes. It's a good constant discount and it should save you a good amount of money if you are an owner of a big domain portfolio at GoDaddy.

P.S. Currently you may get the $6.95 (+$0.20 ICANN fee) promotion by going directly to GoDaddy and entering the promo code OYH3 at the time of checkout.

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