Saturday, June 7, 2008

Montenegro .ME Domain Names Landrush Has Started

This is just a short notification message that .ME Domain Landrush has started on the 6th June. You may submit your applications for Montenegro domains until the 26th of June. In order to apply 2 of the good options are to use either EuroDNS or GoDaddy.

The price of the .me domain names at GoDaddy is $49.99 per year and the minimum registration period is 2 years.

The price of the Montenegro domain names at EuroDNS is 48 Euro per year and the minimum registration period is also 2 years. There is a promo code that you may use to receive a 10% discount on the price at EuroDNS. The .me voucher code is 7ME10 and it is valid till the end of the landrush period.

Have in mind that domain names that get more than 1 application are going into an auction and domains with just one application automatically will be assigned to the sole applicant after the 26th of June, 2008. There is also a .ME Auction FAQ available at the registry for more information about Montenegro domain names auctions.

The .ME registry provides in addition 2 lists of names that are not possible to be registered:
Premium names (
Reserved names (

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Anonymous said...


unfortunately "7ME10" doesn't work... would be happy about another voucher code :-)

John Moscow said...

Hm, this is strange because the promo code has come directly from EuroDNS... Maybe, the voucher code has expired earlier, it happanes sometimes with their discount codes.

John Moscow said...

The promo code GOME08 should be valid till the end of July for registrations of Montenegro domain names.

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