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Led Zeppelin - Interesting Facts about the Band and Its Members

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Led Zeppelin is a band with tons of writings about it. You can read about their history, discography, band members' personal biographies, etc. on variety of places, both online and offline. Still, we want to publish something about the legend on our site, that's why we will make 5 short lists with 5 interesting facts each about Led Zeppelin and its famous members - Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

Led Zeppelin
- The band's name did not become Led Zeppelin until after the guys returned from their first tour that was in Scandinavia under the name of The New Yardbirds. The Yardbirds was the name of Jimmy Page's previous band. He rendered to be the last remaining member of the Yardbirds with a contractual obligation to fulfil. Well, you should know the rest...

- The boys from the band became friends with Elvis Presley in the 70s. They attended not less than 2 Elvis' shows and they met with him on numerous other occasions also.

- The band's last album released before the death of John Bonham In Through the Out Door was recorded in Polar Studios owned by ABBA.

- Led Zeppelin's longest studio track is In My Time of Dying. They have also a lot of other songs longer than the long Stairway to Heaven. Some of them are Achilles Last Stand, Tea for One, Carouselambra.

- The first album released on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label was Bad Company - the debut album of Paul Rodgers' band Bad Company.

Jimmy Page
- Jimmy Page left his first rock band Neil Christian & the Crusaders in 1963 because due to poor travelling conditions and Page's weak organism, he thought he was not suitable for touring. He switched to the less exciting session work in the recording studio for the next several years before hitting the road again.

- Jimmy Page known with his skills in the studio, invented the Reverse Echo sound effect.

- Not only Bonham had a nickname in Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page also had one and it was Led Wallet. Page was legendarily tight-fisted.

- Jimmy Page owns much of the property around the famous Loch Ness in Scotland, UK.

- Jimmy Page stated that Bert Jansch was his all-time favourite guitar player. Bert Jansch is famous for playing acoustic guitar with virtuosity and being one of the British folk's most influential figures in the 20th century. It's often considered Led Zeppelin's song Black Mountain Side is a Bert Jansch rip-off.

Robert Plant
- Robert Plant was the only Led Zeppelin band's member with a name not starting with the letter 'J'.

- Led Zeppelin's song All of My Life was dedicated to Robert Plant's late son Karac.

- Robert Plant was in a wheel chair during the recording of Presence.

- The song Kashmir was influenced by Plant's travels in Morocco.

- Apart from his lead singer role, Robert Plant often played harmonica for Led Zeppelin.

John Bonham
- Bonzo was not the only nickname John Bonham had. He was also known as The Beast at the time he was drinking.

- John Bonham left a well-paid touring job with Tim Rose in order to join and play for Led Zeppelin.

- John Bonham began his learning to play drums when he was five years old, using a drum kit made just out of containers and coffee tins.

- Jimi Hendrix once said that if Bonham was ever going to leave Led Zeppelin he would take him in his own band even if he had to play with two drummers.

- John Bonham never took any formal drum lessons.

John Paul Jones
- Jones asked Jimmy Page to join Led Zeppelin after playing with him on various session recordings in the past.

- John Paul Jones singed Sandy Denny's part of The Battle of Evermore when the song was played live.

- John Paul Jones played the wind instrument in the beginning of Stairway to Heaven. It is a recorder and it has been often incorrectly identified as mellotron.

- Jones was not part of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page tour in 1998. The role of bass player was given to Plant's son-in-law.

- John Paul Jones has been often referred as one of the most underrated musicians in the rock music history. Yet, this is quite a recognition on its own.


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