Friday, June 17, 2011

Wizz Air and Follow-Up: The Actual Experience

Let's follow up my unfavourable reviews of and websites with the actual experience both services offer. If you haven't read those reviews and you are not familiar with these companies, note that Wizz Air is a low cost airline company and offers a shuttle bus service. Both of them operate in Europe.

Wizz Air (
In addition to not having a user-friendly site, Wizz Air has also some room for improvements concerning their actual service. Contrary to many other big airline companies which advise you to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance of your flight, Wizz Air want you to be at the airport just 40 minutes before the departure time of a particular flight. But when you arrive at the airport even much earlier than the aforementioned 40 minutes, you are unpleasantly surprised by the large queue of passengers waiting in front of the check-in desk and you become even more sick after seeing the enormous line of people waiting for security check. The reason appears to be that there are several Wizz Air flights in a short span of 10 minutes but nevertheless this does not comfort you at all.

When you finally pass through the check-in desk (after you've been waiting for nothing more than just leaving your luggage there), if you ask Wizz Air's employees how do they expect that all those people waiting for security check will manage to board their plane on time, the answer you receive is "once you're here, we will wait for you to board". Well, at least we won't miss our flight but the result is that at the announced departure time, the passengers have not reached further than the boarding gate. I suppose this happens every time so it is strange why Wizz Air do not change something.

Independently of the late departure, the pilots managed to overtake the delay and the plane arrived on time. I do not know if this is actually good or bad from a safety perspective if it is at expense of a higher than recommended speed. And while speaking of the pilots, the plane took off very smoothly and also the landing was Ok. Yes, there was something good at last. Another not so pleasant experience was the very short legroom on the plane but it was expected. And finally, not something mandatorily bad but somehow strange was that we had to walk from the boarding gate to the plane and vice versa at two of the airports. It was a new experience for me.
Concerning shuttle bus service there were not any unpleasant surprises. The buses arrived on time and reached their destinations promptly. The seats were comfortable (much more comfortable than the seats on the Wizz Air planes) and adjustable. Online reservations worked just fine and driving was safe. Frankly speaking, bus service was really good and offering a much better journey than the one you would expect after using their website.

To recapitulate: While shuttle service is far better than their site and there is nothing to be desired from their buses and drivers, Wizz Air have to make improvements not only concerning their web site but also in regard to their actual airline services. The flights seem safe and this is definitely the most important thing when speaking of airline carriers but there are other things that could be easily made better and that would offer Wizz Air's passengers a more pleasant and satisfying experience.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Flibco, I disagree on their capacity to resolve unexpected issues.

Got the worst trip of my life on July 2014, when their driver lost 1 full hour before resuming journey from Luxembourg to Charleroi. Apparently, the bus supposed to drive us there from Luxembourg had left already, and our incompetent driver could not manage to obtain information, nor wanted to drive us there. Confronted to the real possibility of missing our planes, we had no possibility than to order a taxi.

After 50 km on a taxi, we could finally resume journey with the company (driver having received order to continue right away after our departure BECAUSE we phoned the company to start complaining. Only at that moment, they realised their error). Flibco declines to pay any money for the taxi they obliged us to take, because of the lack of coordination with the satellite companies they work with

NEVER AGAIN WITH FLIBCO. Avoid it whenever possible

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