Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coeus the Boxing Titan - The Boxing Titan Spawns (2011)

Coeus the Boxing Titan - The Boxing Titan Spawns cover
Coeus the Boxing Titan is a music project originating from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA. Its sole member Aron "Aro" Patterson is the project's universal performer as well as the songwriter of the tracks on their debut recording The Boxing Titan Spawns. The effort is advertised as a progressive rock project that will slowly kick your ass. Well, it's hard to merely label it "prog rock" but the latter part of the statement seems completely true cause The Boxing Titan Spawns slowly grows on you: when you listen to it for the first time, the overall impression is getting better towards the end of the album and additionally, your ass is in a real danger if you continue to examine the songs repeatedly.

Although Coeus the Boxing Titan is a project that spawns genuine interest and The Boxing Titan Spawns itself is definitely a promising and satisfying effort, I am not going to use entirely superlatives for the album as many reviewers do when they consider new artists. I think such approach is quite inappropriate since it diminishes the trustworthiness of the particular review and it's perfectly possible to evaluate a good record without plunging so deep into praises. So, to start on a moderate note, the vocals on the album are at times more distractive than captivating. They play an important role though cause the singing helps to tie the various tracks together. The compositions are well varied and if there was not such a binding element like the vocal work, the recording would have a more chaotic feel.

Another piece that most likely won't win a Grammy Award is the cover of The Boxing Titan Spawns. It's apparent that the creation of the artwork has not cost a fortune and it's hard to call it a masterpiece but who would expect a great cover work from a 21st century album intended primarily for digital download. Then again, the cover is efficient and illustrates the titles of the project and the album adequately. The lyrics are worthy and attempt to carry out messages among the emotional landscapes they draw. I sense some hip-hop influence in the texts' structure and content although it's sometimes hard to differentiate the words because of substantial voice effects.

Now to the really entertaining stuff. The melodies on the album are delightful and haunting. Because of their beauty I am inclined to devaluate the singing and to call it distracting at times. There are tracks where the vocals blend well and in fact add to the melody, e.g., "Like Vegas". There are other songs like the opening "Tension In Cloudland" that only partially benefits from the singing. Personally, I prefer the melodic singing to the more narrative approach that's probably where my different perception of certain pieces comes from. Anyway, the craftsmanship behind the tunes is impressive and having in mind the presumptive low cost of the production, the sonic realization of the project is admirable.

Besides the obvious alternative, progressive, psychedelic and post rock influences on this dominantly industrial music recording, I can notice some Kraftwerk's and Mike Oldfield's passages among the electronic elements and effects in the compositions and even some glam rock ornaments. My personal favorite songs are "Like Vegas" with its relaxed but eerie spirit, "This Time" offering a fascinating atmosphere and the final instrumental track curiously titled "February, This Is For You" which provides for an elevated ending of the record.

Having in mind the consistency of the album, we can safely expect future gems coming out from Coeus the Boxing Titan or Aron Patterson. And in regard to the present release, you can buy The Boxing Titan Spawns from Amazon or iTunes. You can also find more information about the project on its Facebook page here.


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