Friday, January 13, 2012

CyberLink Coupon Code for PowerDVD 12, ArcSoft Coupon for TotalMedia Theatre 5, Corel WinDVD Promo, 2012 Blu-ray Software Bundles

For 2012 reviews of (3D) Blu-ray player software follow the link.

Since free Blu-ray software players do not exist yet the closest thing that comes to them is purchasing a BD playback software package at a discounted price. Unfortunately, we can't hope the situation with the unavailability of free players to be changed soon but happily enough the companies developing Blu-ray player software offer promotional coupon codes quite often. As of 2012 the regular prices vary between $80 and $100 depending on the product but with a good discount code you can succeed to buy a video player even for $40. And if it happens that you come across such a substantial promotion of our top choices for a BD player, PowerDVD 12 Ultra and TotalMedia Theatre 5, you should not hesitate to take advantage of it.

So, below we will list the discount codes we stumble upon during year 2012 having something to do either with a particular software BD player or with another product of the same manufacturer. Note that all of the video players (except for Nero's) support Blu-ray 3D playback. We'll try to keep these coupon codes recent and most of the time they should work.

CyberLink coupon code (PowerDVD 12 review)
Use this link to get PowerDVD 12 Ultra, PowerDVD Mobile and PowerDVD Remote with $30 discount. CyberLink have added to this package also MediaEspresso as a bonus for free. You can also save $10 on PowerDirector 10 with that link.
Additionally, an old promotion for various former versions of CyberLink's software products seems to be still running. It includes PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D at 25% reduced price and it is also valid for upgrades to PowerDVD 12 as well as for other CyberLink software.

We are not aware of a particular ArcSoft coupon or discount code for TotalMedia Theatre 5 right now. You can check this link though and see if there isn't a recent promotion because promotional offers valid even for just a day are not an unusual practice for ArcSoft. There is a new coupon code, ARCGREEN, valid through March 31, 2012 which reduces the retail price of TMT 5 by 30%. Also the coupon code ARCCJLINK has been extended beyond its initial expiration date so do not miss to try it if anything else doesn't work. It should give you a hefty 25% discount.
And here is some recent news. As of March 2012 ArcSoft introduced bundled products. This means if you need more than a single product from the company you can get a bundle at a significantly reduced prices. For example, ArcSoft Media Pack Ultimate includes TotalMedia Theatre 5, Panorama Maker 6, MediaConverter 7.5 and ShowBiz 5 and gives an overall discount of 40%. Check the bundles here.

Corel promo (WinDVD Pro 11 review)
Corel currently offer 25% discount on their BD player software WinDVD Pro 11. Use this link to buy WinDVD cheaper. You can also check Corel's Special Offers section for coupons valid for other products.

Nero discount codes
As you've probably learned from our reviews Nero do not offer a self-contained Blu-ray software player. They also do not offer a 3D Blu-ray player program. For discounts concerning Nero 11 Platinum Suite as well as other of their (Blu-ray capable) products, you should check here (prices are almost constantly lower than their retail counterparts). A cool bonus is that you can apply the coupon code AW-G720-Q7QH for a further 20% discount of Nero 11 Platinum cost. This voucher is valid until March 31, 2012.


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