Thursday, May 15, 2008

Register .me Domain Names - Montenegro Domain Name Registrations at EuroDNS

Along with all other various country code domain extensions a new one is coming and it's quite interesting. The top level domain for Montenegro is .me and while it should be interesting just because it is new, there is also additional appeal that it possesses. Of course, the reason for the latter is that the extension is identical with the English pronoun "me".

The .me TLD is one of the successors of .yu domain extension that has been in use for Serbia and Montenegro. After Montenegro's declaration of independence the new .me extension along with .rs (for Serbia) comes to replace .yu TLD. The registry for .me is operated by doMEn ( and the Sunrise period for .me registrations has already started.

Whether .ME will be a successful domain extension is yet to be seen in the future but it's clear that there will be some very good domain names under this TLD. We just might mention,,,, etc. It could be expected that except for a web presence of Montenegro's entities, .me will be also used for personal www addresses and tempting marketing names around the world (especially in English speaking countries). Even third-level domain names in the subdomain could be registered with the idea of treated as "it's me".

Currently you may apply for a .me domain name registration at EuroDNS for both Sunrise and Landrush periods. The Sunrise phase is restricted to trademark owners whereas .me Landrush period is unrestricted. Have in mind that while the both types of applications are accepted simultaneously the Sunrise ends on May 20th and Landrush ends on June 26th. After the end of each period auctions will be held for the domain names with more than one application. The names with just a single application will be awarded directly to the appropriate applicant. After the Landrush period has ended the .me domain names will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The current prices at EuroDNS and minimum registration periods are as listed below:
Sunrise - 175 Euros per year (min. 5 years)
Landrush - 48 Euros per year (min. 2 years)
GoLive - 24 Euros per year (min. 2 years)

There is also a discount code available at EuroDNS for .me domain registrations. The promo code is 7ME10 and it's valid till the 26th of June. The voucher is for a 10% discount of the price.

Even with the promo code the .me domains are still pricy at the moment but if you want to protect a trademark of your own or if you really want to register some nice .me name you have the possibility to do it. The other option is to wait for the GoLive period and to hope that not all of the good names will be gone at that time.

In case you don't have an EuroDNS account you can make such from here.

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