Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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I've recently come upon - one of the online sports shops, offering thousands of products related to the sports memorabilia industry. I don't know if it is the largest amongst the sporting goods stores but it offers a lot of sports products - NFL jerseys, NBA jerseys, MLB and NHL jerseys, sports apparel, hats, jackets, jewelry, watches, etc. There are all kinds of accessories and sports merchandise.

I've been quite interested what are the comments about FansEdge online sports store so I've made some research on the Net and from the reviews and people opinions I've read it seems that is a pretty decent sporting goods store. Yet, I've found some criticism about it. There are some complaints that it is not possible to change your order after you've made it and also that sometimes sold out products are not marked properly and it's possible to order them. Apart from that, it seems that people are quite happy with FansEdge's sports products and shipping times.

One thing that I like about FansEdge is that it consolidates several sports shops in one place. These include NFL shop, NBA store, MLB shop, NHL shop, NASCAR store, soccer, golf, tennis and other sports memorabilia products. There is merchandise for several hundred teams and more than a thousand of players. There are all kinds of sports apparel - jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, polos, gloves, hats, etc. There are sales with huge discounts, up to 75%, on all of the sporting goods and sports memorabilia. And there is a possibility to buy a gift certificate for someone you want to surprise.

The delivery times are short and people at claim to ship on the same day. There is also an international shipping possibility and although it does not cover all of the countries worldwide, it's still a good option that is not offered at many other online sporting goods stores. The site provides also size charts so it could be easier for us to make the correct choice. In case something with the products is not as expected, I've read on several places on the Web that the returns are really no hassle ones, exactly as advertised on FansEdge's website.

The site also offers several Facebook extras like exclusive coupons or some possibilities to win a gift certificate if you like them on Facebook. While this is a standard advertising trick and thus not so interesting, a better section on the site is the one that shows you the most popular searches. You are able to see that NHL Shop or NFL Store are among these searches or that Lebron James Jerseys, Carlos Boozer Jerseys or NFL Jackets are very popular so if you are a more eccentric person and you want to be more original in your sports apparel you should look for some other product.

The good news is that there are so many sporting goods and sports memorabilia at FansEdge that most probably you will not be disappointed. If you don't have a favorite NFL shop, MLB shop, NHL shop or NBA store but you are in love with some of these sports, give FansEdge a try. The prices are competitive and the variety of sporting goods is really outstanding.

Wanting to provide as accurate information as possible, I've made some further searches and it seems although the majority of FansEdge customers are really happy there are still some 5-10% that are not so pleased and complaining mainly about customer service. It's not a big percentage but still I want to point it out in order to be precise.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for the review on FansEdge. You should have another look, the site has made quite the change over the last 2 years since the post! Have a great week!

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