Monday, December 6, 2010

Blu-ray Player Download

As you already may know there is not any (legal) free Blu-ray player software out there. The reason for that you can read here, where you can also find a more detailed five pages review of the BD players mentioned below. So, on this page, we are going to list all available for download software BD players we are aware of. Currently, there are 5 of them with the 2 options listed at the top being our preferred choices. Instead of downloading the software, you have the option to purchase a boxed version in most of the cases.

Cyberlink's PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D Mark II / PowerDVD 11
If you prefer to make a Blu-ray player download instead of buying it as a box, you're most likely an Internet person and it's quite probable that you will like PowerDVD. It's the most online-oriented player of the bunch. You may read more about PowerDVD's online features and overall experience here and if you want to purchase it follow this link CyberLink's PowerDVD. Note, that in order to have BD playback capabilities you must buy PowerDVD's Ultra version.

ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre 5
Another player following the online path of PowerDVD 10 is ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre 5. Of course, you won't buy such software only because of its Web features so better read our TMT 5 review first. But still, if you're eager to get it, just go to TMT 3D Blu-ray player download page here. It seems that TotalMedia Theatre 5 software is the only one not having a boxed version.

Corel's WinDVD 2010 Pro
WinDVD, as well as the rest of the software listed below, is not in the league of our 2 top choices but you may still find it suitable for your needs. A short description of WinDVD is located here, where you will also find brief overviews of Roxio CinePlayer® BD with 3D and Nero's plug-in. If you want to download WinDVD here's the link for that purpose. Note that you need WinDVD 2010 Pro version if you want a support for 2D and 3D Blu-ray playback.

Roxio CinePlayer BD with 3D
Roxio is amongst the newest competitors on the BD playback arena but they already have a Blu-ray 3D player and although it's not the best, it still could be considered as a good value for money piece of software. Here's the link for Roxio's Blu-ray player download and note that you need CinePlayer BD edition in order to play BD movies.

Nero's Blu-ray Disc Playback plug-in
Nero is the last competitor in this area. They don't have stand-alone software for BD playback. Instead, Nero have a Blu-ray Disc Playback plug-in compatible with some of their applications. Nero's software is the only one without 3D support. The plug-in is available with Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD and Nero Video Premium HD. You may get either of them from this page and remember to select the right product carefully as there are many on Nero's store page without BD playback capabilities.

So, these have been all of the Blu-ray player downloads we are aware of. We hope, you've found what you've been looking for and we wish you to have lots of pleasant hours while watching your movies.

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