Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy (2010): Go See the Latest Tron Movie

Tron Legacy
In a nutshell, TRON: Legacy has a laughable script. Go see the spectacle!

TRON is a legend. Although some people considered it boring upon its initial release and it did not make miracles at the box-office, the TRON movie created concepts some of which were later explored in movies like The Matrix, Dark City or The 13th Floor. It spawned and prophesied viewpoints and space presentations later replicated in real-time 3D engines. And pioneering CGI into movie production is a remarkable feat. But the original TRON movie provides for visuals so outdated, they are almost painful to watch nowadays. That is the downside of trying something new out but TRON compensated for it with an inspired vision and imaginative design.

Enters TRON: Legacy - a rumored 300 million dollar sequel. Naturally, a comparison entails:
  • Tron was innovative. Legacy is dull.
  • Tron was playful. Legacy is serious.
  • Tron was wonderfully internally consistent. Legacy is disjointed in its pseudo-sophistication and superficial philosophy.
  • Tron emphasized adventure. Legacy goes to pathos.
  • Tron thrived on geekiness, (then) rising videogame and computer slang. Legacy is restrained and even kind of awkward about its heritage.
In addition, TRON: Legacy has a cringeworthy script, an eyebrow raising macguffin in the form of the isomorph(s), and subpar acting...

At last, here come the reasons why you should go see it at a movie theater:
  • The elegant and minimalistic designs presented in TRON, subject themselves to 3D in a remarkable fashion.
  • Legacy follows the aforementioned TRON designs quite faithfully.
  • This is probably the first movie since Avatar with 3D visuals done right.
  • Obi-Dude Lebowski. "You are messing with my Zen thing, man!"
  • Music is fantastic. Let's thank the god of film soundtracks for the lack of the ever-popular Zimmer-like crap.
  • Michael Sheen's character. Cyberpunkish worlds never do without an extravagantly crazy character. It is one cliche that should be perpetuated. Amen.

So, if you haven't seen this movie yet, do not miss it cause although it's not the most intelligent piece of cinema out there, TRON: Legacy is a feast for your senses.

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