Monday, December 13, 2010

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Faults

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After listing some reasons about Star Wars success recently, we are now making a short and pretty much inevitable list with Star Wars prequel trilogy faults. Many of the listed points will contain comparison with the original Star Wars trilogy but this is something to be expected.

1. The prequels were quite complex and a lot harder for following and good understanding than the original trilogy.

2. There were many unrealistic events (even for a sci-fi movie) - Jar Jar becoming a deputy of Padme and Anakin's almost unprovoked "journey" to the dark side are just a few of the many issues of the prequel trilogy that made it looking very unbelievable.

3. The music in the prequels did not offer anything new and easily memorable.

4. Digital creatures brought more distant and unrealistic feel of the movies. In addition, by the time the prequels were released we had already seen a lot of digital creatures.

5. Han Solo was missing. A big minus for the prequels. :)

6. The genuine Darth Vader or an equivalent character was missing. Anakin had no such a strong presence at all, neither had it anyone on the dark side.

7. Yoda was there, but he was not the mystical Dagobah character... In the prequels, he was really just a flying ridicule. For fans of the original Star Wars trilogy it should have been rather disappointing to see him like this.

8. There were no likeable creatures like Ewoks for example. Instead we had Jar Jar's people and wookiees but even wookiees were not really sympathetic in the prequel movies.

9. The prequels were trying to tell a story that almost everybody had already known for years (at least the main storyline).

10. There were high expectations for the prequels that were not met. It led to further overall disappointment.

11. After lots of sci-fi movies had been released since the original trilogy, there was nothing so special and unique to be shown in the prequels' universe.

12. The prequel Star Wars series had a storyline limited by the purpose to comply with the original Star Wars trilogy.

13. The "classic archetypes" based story from the original trilogy was somehow blurred in the big mess of events in the prequels.

14. The love subplot was unrealistic and not funny.

15. There were not any unexpected twists in the prequel Star Wars movies.

16. There was nothing genuinely funny in the prequels. There were less entertaining characters compared to the original movies and the fun stuff was something already seen many times.

17. The prequels were pretty much a Star Wars rip-off (as a lot of other sci-fi movies).

18. It wasn't the right time for the prequels. They should have been released many years ago (if released at all!!!).

19. There was an annoying biblical reference - Anakin having no father.

20. The Force was demystified with an unnecessary explanation about midichlorians.

21. There was not real tension in the prequel series even the first time watching them because the main storyline was pretty much clear.

22. Episodes I-III practically ruined almost every character from the original Star Wars movies that was presented in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. From such a perspective, it should be good Han Solo was not in the prequel movies.

23. There were a lot of redundant characters in the prequels. Count Dooku, General Grievous, Darth Maul were all unnecessary - for their brief screen appearances, nobody of them established himself as a real movie villain or at least as an important figure in the story.

24. It was rather strange, that nobody became aware of the Palpatine's evil plan. And this was while there were dozens of Jedi in the Star Wars prequels. At the same time, without any Jedi in their rows, the rebels in the original Star Wars trilogy were constantly aware of the plans of the Empire.

25. A lot of other reasons could be added to the list but since it is not quite a pleasure doing it, I am leaving this spot for you - if you want, put your own reason here why the Star Wars prequels were so disappointing for you (if you think they were)...

At the end, while we cannot say that the Star Wars prequel series are unsuccessful (they have earned quite a lot of money), they have so many issues that will not allow them to become such a classical experience what the original Star Wars trilogy has become.

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Anonymous said...

there was also not follow through on plot points from the original three to the new prequel.

1. Originally, Ben Kenobi said he met Luke's father when Anakin was already a good star pilot.
New version, he was a slave that Qui-gon met and not proven as a star pilot.

2. Originally, Leia was asked by Luke what she remembered of her "real" mother and she said that her "mother" was always sad.
New, Padme dies in childbirth. So how could Leia remember her.

3. Originally, Ben Yoda and Anakin were all old men in their ghost forms so why did they have to ret-con that panty waist of an actor Hayden Christiansen into the ghost form. The other two aren't young so why does Anakin get to be young there?

4. Personally, i didn't like how they ret-conned Boba Fett's story. Why did we even have to bring him in. What purpose did it play. Fett showed no true animosity towards any Jedi in the original. He was a bounty hunter for hire not some punk clone kid out on a vengeful steak.

John Moscow said...

I have to agree with your points. Especially with the last two which are in fact annoying.
Maybe they've decided to put Boba Fett in the prequels and Hayden into the ghost form just to tie together the 2 trilogies artificially. Yet, the result is not good at all.

Edgar Acajabon said...

Probably the main reason the prequels weren't as successful was because they didn't play out the way they were meant to be played out. First of all, Darth Vader's path to the darkside seemed so wimpy compared to the way it was foretold in the sequel. I didn't like all those robots from Phantom Menace. The Trade Federation was not a good addition to the movies. They served no real purpose. They should've stuck to just the sith and Jedi. As much as I like Liam Neeson. Again, they should've stuck to Obi Wan and Anakin if need be. Now Hayden Christensen being like James Dean and that's why Lucas decided on him, I don't think that's true. I don't really think you can compare the two. Another thing is when Anakin became Darth Vader didn't he need the mask to breathe? In the movie it seemed like he could breathe just fine before he donned the mask of Darth Vader. Now about Boba Fett they should have just showed Boba Fett just because the people were acting so childish and wanting to throw him into the plot somehow because they liked him so much. Why people love evil people is beyond me. The other thing is that Anakin's story could've been better but time, space and sequencing everything accordingly to conform to Lucas' original plot is understandable.

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